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Do you LibraryThing?

  My new love is I cannot yet fully express my adoration for this site... indescribable joy, that's what we're talking about here. I just spent an hour and a half adding books, reading posts, and generally mucking about in a happy little cyber-land dedicated entirely to books.

I've been thinking/talking about joining this site since my far-away friend S--- told me about it months ago (in fact, I talked one of my managers at the Bookstore into joining just last month--I think he's added about 1000 books to his library thus far). I've only added 45 or so books to my library catalog (most of those went up in the afore-mentioned hour and a half), but I am already enjoying the whole idea of making book cataloguing such a cool, easy, highly amusing experience. It's so simple to just type in the ISBN of a book and watch all the other information--including any available cover photo--appear. I've always wanted to have a list of all the books I own, and this is so much more than just a list!

Are book people alone in this delight we take in seeing lists of our favorite belongings, sharing those lists, comparing those lists, talking about those lists? We can't be alone... but I bet everybody else is totally jealous of us right now.

Thus ends this post, because the stack of books teetering on the floor next to my desk is about to collapse. Back to LibraryThing!
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